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Aftermath: Joshua Webb presents “Kingdom Rap” (Reimagined)

During the second half of the year, while fans of Joshua Webb were busy streaming “Kingdom Rap,” the recording artist dropped a remixed version of the album.

That said, those who streamed the original will now be treated to a supercharged version.

1) Champion (Rock Mix):

Championopens with an impressive intro that sounds like it’s ready to explode.

At the four-second mark, a rock guitar starts playing, giving the track an epic feel.

Next, outstanding vocals appear on the track and push the production to a new level.

2) STOMP If Ya Standing (Gladiator Remix):

After a crowd cheering sound effect, the hard-hitting drums drop on the track like a sledge hammer.

In addition, the music production does an excellent job of making the chorus sound completely different from the verses.

3) Hating On Me (Kingdom Banger Mix):

The music production is aggressive, and the vocals are cinematic and energetic.

People who like hardcore rap and rock tracks will enjoy this one.

4) Explosive (Old Skool Remix):

This is a mid-tempo throwback track that  people with an old soul can jam to.

The chorus is incredibly catchy, and the lyrics in the verses will keep you listening to the end.

5) Lost Souls (Ghosts In The East Remix):

Musically, there is a unique sound that appears and then disappears throughout the song.

The artist also brings storytelling lyrics to the verses.

6) Reach For The Cure (Powerplay Lab Mix):

The track hits hard, and the artists bring their A-game on this one. 

Undoubtedly, this remix is smoking hot.

7) Nothing In This World (Eman’s Summer Mix):

Fans of the original version will love the remix as well. Plus, the lyrics will get stuck in your head all over again. 

8) We Can Make A Change (Like This Like That Remix):

The pop remix is unique, revealing different sound elements over time to keep people engaged.

9) I Can’t Get My Head Around You (Powerplay House Mix):

This is a smooth pop track with female vocals on the chorus.

And the verses are full of thought-provoking lyrics.

10) Rock The House (Powerplay Remix):

The remix starts with a dramatic intro.

And the song also reveals unique sounds over time. 

Keep in mind: There are times when the vocals disappear from the track.

11) Society Is A War Zone (EMT v Powerplay Remix):

The intro will throw you for a moment in the first few seconds.

However, the remix is a perfect fit for the tune. 

You will enjoy the lyrical content.


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