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Summer Blockbuster: “Boring 20s” by Tamela D’Amico, Wolfgang Lohr, and Ashley Slater

This summer, the only single that matters is the emotional release by Tamela D’Amico, Wolfgang Lohr, and Ashley Slater.

When you stream “Boring 20s,” expect a high-octane, turbocharged, rollercoaster ride.

Production Credits

*Lead Vocals:
Tamela D’Amico.

*Backing Vocals:
Ashley Slater.

Wolfgang Lohr & Ashley Slater.

Ashley Slater and Tamela D’Amico.

*Producer & Mixing Engineer: Wolfgang Lohr.

Mastering Engineer: Gavin Lurssen.(

*Vocal Engineer:
Eric Sorensen.

Additional Credits

*Cover Photography:
Eric Sorensen.

Hair and Makeup for Cover art:
Autumn Skibinski.

Cover art Graphic Design: Paul Thiele.

“A Masterpiece”

— Jaw-Dropping Radio.

There are millions of songs, but only one has the power to turn the dance floor upside down.

And it goes by the name of “Boring 20s.”

“Boring 20s” begins with a music-only intro.

And it is only eight seconds long.

Following that, the singer makes a grand entrance on the electro-swing track, Produced and Mixed by Wolfgang Lohr.

“Remarkable Performance”

Tamela D’Amico then draws the audience into the dance single with lyrics written by Ashley Slater and Tamela D’Amico.

“I had my phaser set, I set it to fun/This roaring 20s was gonna be the one/The parties, the booze, the life, the nights/Ready to roar/Then came the virus baby, life was no more/I was gonna strut my moves, work the schmooze/Drink the booze, ignore the news, work my shoes/Then it all went wrong.”

All vocals then vanish, as if someone broke into the recording booth and kidnapped Tamela D’Amico (Lead Vocals) and Ashley Slater (Backing Vocals).

However, the vocals return 16 seconds later.


“Boring 20s” is hot, with nonstop pop music, unique songwriting, and gorgeous vocals.

It is nearly impossible to find flaws in the EDM song because it is so good.

All that can be said is that it ends far too soon.

You can stream “Boring 20s” right now.


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