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Joshua Webb presents “Kingdom Rap” and saves the world

Give Joshua Webb credit for not playing it safe with his debut album.  

Rather than following others, he makes music his own way.  

From start to finish, Joshua Webb creates a turbo-charged listening experience for Christians and sinners across the globe.  

When you stream the project, you will hear an album full of spiritual-filled emotions, diverse music, and incredible lyrics.  

— Jaw-Dropping Radio.

Not to mention the Grammy-worthy performances by:

  1. L-Ganhs (“Explosive”).
  2. Dee Rooki (“We Can Make a Change”).
  3. Ramina Webb (“We Can Make a Change” and “Lost Souls”).
  4. Switchman (“STOMP If Ya Standing,” “Hating On Me,” and “Nothing In This World”).
  5. Saint Klutch (“Champion”).
  6. Jeremy Toomata (“Ultimate Champion”).
  7. Janna Cachola (‘Society Is A War Zone’).
  8. Seanie Ranz (‘Reach For The Cure’)
  9. Rhea Elle (‘Reach For The Cure’). 

01: Rock The House  

It sounds like a bomb going off in your ears. It is a high-octane single with a great message in the lyrics. However, the chorus is incredibly catchy. And it will pull you into the album.  

02: Explosive with (L-Ganhs) 

This song goes at a slightly different tempo. And it has a funky music vibe. The music production switches things up at crucial moments in the tune.  

03: We Can Make A Change (with Dee Rooki and Ramina Webb) 

The song goes in different directions musically and vocally. There are unique female vocals on the chorus, and the verses sound different from tracks one and two.  

04: STOMP If You’re Standing with (Switchman) 

This track has a more aggressive vibe with a rock-influenced music edge. And the chorus sounds like a war cry to energize followers of Christ.  

05: Champion with (Saint Klutch) 

Champion starts with a smooth intro, and the drums hit hard. In the complex production, the artists fit perfectly in the track like a hand in a glove.  

06: Ultimate Champion (Interlude: Jeremy Toomata)  

It sounds great, but sadly, it is only 53 seconds long.  

07: Society Is A War Zone featuring (Janna Cachola) 

Now, this song starts differently with a phone ringing. And this brings more storytelling to the forefront. While the female singer sounds excellent on the hook, the profound lyrics are relatable.  

08: Hating On Me with (Switchman) 

This song is right up your alley if you love rock and rap. The artists in the verses are on fire. And the chorus will get stuck in your head. 

09: Reach For The Cure featuring (Seanie Ranz and Rhea Elle) 

It opens with a cinematic intro that is 25 seconds long; then, the first verse addresses the hidden struggles some Christians face in their walk with Christ. The second verse addresses relationships and parenthood.  

10: Lost Souls with (Ramina Webb) 

It opens with the artist talking at the beginning, and then he raps on the drums. This song serves as an altar call for sinners.  

11: Nothing In This World with (Switchman) 

This track starts with an action-packed beat. Unlike other tracks, this one begins with a chorus first, and the female singer does an outstanding job. Another surprise is the appearance of a female rapper in the second verse. Even though it is placed towards the end of the album, this one will make you dance. This should be a single.  

12: I Can’t Get My Head Around You 

The track talks directly to Jesus. And the chorus will stay in your mind and heart long after the song ends.  

You can listen to the Joshua Webb presents Kingdom Rap now.  


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