10 alarm fire: Mike Di Lorenzo – “We Don’t Talk Anymore” | Jaw-Dropping Review

10 alarm fire: Mike Di Lorenzo – “We Don’t Talk Anymore” | Jaw-Dropping Review

Someone, grab a fire hose because Mike Di Lorenzo’s new cover featuring Sonna Rele is on fire.

Yes, that’s right, the fresh cover version of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” is blazing hot.

And the bold, powerful remake will engulf your eardrums in flames.

The popular song was released by Charlie Puth, featuring Selena Gomez, in the previous decade.

However, on June 3, 2022, Mike Di Lorenzo unleashed arguably one of the hottest covers for the tune.

— Jaw-Dropping Radio.

And it doesn’t only stand up to the original but may make hardcore music fans in the Smooth Jazz genre say, “Charlie and Selena, who?”

Mike Di Lorenzo created this ground-breaking cover with assistance from Frank Elmo (Tenor Saxophone) and Sonna Rele (Lead and Background Vocals).

  • For those who want to hear a game-changing remake of the pop hit, Mike Di Lorenzo’s version featuring Sonna Rele is the ultimate in music covers.
  • It was created to give the audience an extraordinary Smooth Jazz experience.
  • It is recommended that you stream the song now.

“We Don’t Talk Anymore” opens with a 17-second intro.

While some singing is heard early on, the mind-blowing vocalist doesn’t appear with lyrics until the 18-second mark.

A Voice That Will Make You Cheat on Your Girlfriend

With that said, Sonna Rele makes a grand appearance on the single with a voice that sounds like liquid sex.

Along with intense piano playing from supremely talented composer Mike Di Lorenzo, the captivating vocalist takes the audience on a breathtaking journey through the song.

Oddly, the music production holds back the spectacular Saxophone solo by Frank Elmo until 1:33.

— Jaw-Dropping Radio.

But once the Saxophone takes center stage, it will be well worth the wait.

After thirty seconds, the deeply satisfying singer reappears and takes the song to the next level.

At the end of the tune, the music changes, giving the listener a different vibe.

To hear epic Piano playing, seductive vocals, and an excellent Tenor Saxophone, stream the hot cover “We Don’t Talk Anymore” right now.

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